Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band, who have an undergound religion consisting of only one person and that is lead worshipper Thomas Silva.

Tom <3s Three Days GraceEdit

Since fresh out of the womb young Tommy was looking for the one thing that added meaning to his life. He did not need to look far though, since when he was only one year old his favorite thing to ever come on this earth formed. He caught his first listen and his one year old ears were forever in love with the melodies of Three Days Grace. Thomas basked in the blissful noise Three Days Grace provided in his ear until the 9th grade when he couldn't hold his feelings in any longer and decided to go to a concert and attempt to propose to the whole band. Poor little Tom didn't know that thousands of people go to concerts and seeing the band was not very possible, so all of his savings went to waste on a ring he never got to give to his true lovers. Ever since then Tom has resorted to just listening to their hit song Pain and beating off intensely. He hopes one day to mend his broken heart and see them in person and perhaps felate them. We have taken multiple quotes straight from the mouth of Thomas about Three Days Grace and provide them to you:

  • "The only guys I would ever fuck are everyone in Three Days Grace, Kojima, and Akira Toriyama"
  • "If someone was going to kill Three Days Grace I would tell them to shoot me instead"
  • "If you think there are guys any hotter and more talented than the members of Three Days Grace you are wrong"

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