The Juice Box Incident was the turing point in the life of yound Thomas Silva. He was transformed from the nerd bashing bully to super nice guy.

What Was The Incident?Edit

Though little is known about the actual incident, sources say Thomas was drinking an Allen's Fruit Punch drinking box, which was his favorite, and when he made fun of a nerd fag who was more bold than other nerds Thomas bullied, the nerd knocked the juice from his hands and it spilled all over the floor and he then had to go thirsty the rest of the day. Thomas then decided he was a bully no more, and to save himself from anymore juicebox heartbreak in the future, he would give no man reason to knock juice from his hands again. Whenever more details are asked for from Thomas, he bursts into tears and cannot get words out, so all of this information is from second hand sources.

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